Scenarios That Call for Frameless Shower Screens

Posted on: 4 October 2021

Frameless shower screens use small but sturdy hardware supports to hold smooth glass panels in position. These sleek screens help to create an uncluttered look. Conversely, fully-framed screens are bordered on all four edges with metal, forming a bulkier appearance. While streamlined showers are always appealing, here are three specific scenarios that especially call for minimalist screens.

Bath and Shower Combos

Frameless screens are very apt for bath and shower combos. You might want to install a fixed screen on the side of a bath so that you can use it for showering and bathing. Some bathrooms have both a fixed and a swinging door that is fixed to the tub.

Frameless screens are suitable in these setups to minimise clutter. After all, you're already combining a bath with taps, a showerhead and shower screens—all of which can make the area look busy. Frameless screens, though, are virtually invisible, so they don't increase visual clutter. The smooth glass panels will let you see the tiled walls without adding unnecessary metal edging.

Creating a Wet Room Effect

If you have a long narrow bathroom, you may want to construct a shower area at one end of the room. Using one fixed shower screen in the middle, the shower will have an open exit at either end. Frameless screens are ideal in these settings as they emphasise a sense of openness in the shower, being so inconspicuous. The shower will have the feeling of a wet room. On the other hand, a fully framed screen will create a chunkier barrier, and the shower will seem less spacious and more hemmed-in. Additionally, a fixed screen may help to reduce costs as you won't need to install a swinging or sliding door.

Minimise Cleaning

If you're averse to spending endless hours cleaning the shower, you might opt for frameless screens. These panels consist of smooth even glass areas that are easy to wash with a squeegee or microfiber cloth. They have fewer indents and grooves where the hardware meets the glass.

Conversely, extensive framing increases the areas that catch soap scum and breed mould, adding to the cleaning routine. As a result, you'll need to wipe around the borders of the screens to prevent build-up. Thus, pick frameless screens if you want to spend time on other things besides bathroom upkeep. You could enjoy more time in your luxury spa space or enjoy yourself in other ways.

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