Looking For Decorative Tiles? Here Are Some Glass Mosaic Tiles You Could Use

Posted on: 19 September 2016

If your walls or flooring has begun looking dull over the years, you may be considering sprucing up its appearance. One of the functional yet appealing ways of doing so would be by incorporating mosaic glass tiles. These tiles come in a wide assortment of colours, which ensures they will meet your individual stylistic needs. In addition to this, some of the mosaic tiles are also quite sturdy, making them suitable for heavy usage applications.
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3 Ways to Make a Statement with Kitchen Splashbacks

Posted on: 9 March 2016

Because the kitchen is a room that adds significantly to a home, many people think that undergoing a mammoth renovation in the kitchen is necessary if they want to really add something to their kitchen space – but this is not true. There are many smaller changes in the kitchen that contribute to the aesthetic of your kitchen, and to its value too. Take something like kitchen splashbacks, for example. They cover relatively little surface area but can make or break a kitchen.
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How to Fix Common Problems With Your Home's Wood Windows

Posted on: 4 March 2016

When your home's wood windows are stuck, close too quickly, or otherwise are giving you problems, you don't necessarily need to replace them altogether. Often a few quick fixes can be enough to get the windows back on track and working and looking their best. Note below how to fix a few common problems with your home's wood windows before you call a contractor or window salesperson for replacements. 1. Stuck windows
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Curved or Square Bay Windows: Which is a Better Upgrade?

Posted on: 3 March 2016

Are you wondering whether you should replace your old windows with bay windows that are curved or those that are square? Check out the points of comparison below between those two varieties of bay windows and pick the kind that will address your needs. What They Are Square/angled bay windows have different openings that are angled from one another. The main window opening (picture window) is usually larger than those windows on its side.
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