Why Install a Coloured Glass Shower Screen?

Posted on: 23 November 2020

Shower screens don't have to be made from clear glass. You can install textured or frosted glass or even create a coloured screen door.

If you're looking for something different, then a coloured shower screen is worth a look. Some people use colour in the screen's frame; others actually use a sheet of coloured glass. In either case, adding colour to your shower has some benefits. What are they?

Make Your Shower Screen a Design Centrepiece

Shower screens tend to be fairly unobtrusive. They are there to do a job, and you don't notice them all that much. However, you can use your screen to complement or enhance the design or colour scheme in your bathroom.

For example, simply switching from plain glass to a muted green or blue glass tint adds some warmth and depth to the screen. It brings a different perspective to a plain bathroom that makes it look more stylish. You can tie the colour tint into other areas, like tiles or wall colours.

On the other hand, some homeowners like to use their shower screen to make more of a design statement. They effectively use the screen to create a feature wall effect by using a more vibrant colour.

Here, you might install a stronger coloured glass, like black, or a brighter primary colour like red or blue. The point is to make your shower screen a focal point in the room. The glass colour might tie in with your overall room design — for example, a black screen door can look striking in a white and grey bathroom, for example — or it might simply provide a splash of colour in a white bathroom.

Get More Privacy in the Shower

If your shower is in a family or shared bathroom, then you probably find it hard to get any privacy in the room. You probably won't have a relaxing shower if people are wandering in and out to use the bathroom, and they can see you in the shower through clear glass.

If you install coloured glass, you get more privacy. People can't see through the screen when you're in the shower, and you'll feel cut off from the rest of the bathroom.

To find out more about installing a glass shower screen in your bathroom and to see the kinds of colours you can use, contact a shower screen supplier in your area.