5 Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Screens

Posted on: 2 July 2020

Today's world uses glass in making modern-day home furniture and gives it a refined, sleek, and elegant finish. Not only are they attractive but they also add value to your home. High-quality glass screens and panels improve your home instantly. Here is a look at 6 incredible benefits of having frameless shower screens. 

1. They Are Extremely Attractive

While an ordinary shower curtain may be dull, frameless shower screens offer more elegance in your bathroom design. If you have an older-style screen in your bathroom, you're probably familiar with the metal framing. Many of the old screens are textured or frosted, a character which limits visibility. With frameless shower screens, you don't need to worry about frames. And since the glass is completely clear, the screens can allow more light into the room and give you a trendier look. Glass shower screens don't inhibit natural light flowing into the bathroom, unlike shower curtains. 

2. They Are Easy to Clean

Glass shower screens are very easy to clean compared to framed styles. For example, if you have aluminium frames, stains of different types could build up. Clear glass doesn't attract stains. Usually, a good wipe down using a wet rag will be enough to clean them. 

3. More Hygienic for Your Family

The old-style screens with a metal frame create a breeding ground for germs if you don't clean them frequently. If the screens are made from a different material from glass, they can be a germ magnet. However, glass is a non-porous surface that doesn't harbour or bacteria or germs. With glass, you won't worry about mildew and mould, or the other musty odours they come with. A glass shower screen is the most hygienic option for your family. 

4. Durability

When it comes to the issue of repairs, older style screens give out fast, especially their frames. Sometimes, you might need to do a lot of maintenance to keep your sliding doors smoothly. Frameless shower screens have durable glass door fittings, designed to last a long time. This means that you will have little maintenance to worry about. 

5. Customisable 

Most traditional shower enclosures like curtains come in specific sizes and designs, meaning they may not suit your bathroom. Frameless glass shower screens are extremely useful for those who need to renovate their showers. If your shower was not designed with the rest of your bathroom, you don't have to worry about it. Your contractor will only have to take account of the current design and layout. This will ensure that the shower screen will fit into your bathroom perfectly. 

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom to a modern streamlined aesthetic? Create a modern and fresh looking bathroom by adding a frameless glass shower screen.