Finding the right security screens for your sliding doors

Posted on: 23 September 2019

Most people use security screens on regular, rectangular doors. Such screens are easy to design and mount, making them convenient for many different homes. However, unique door designs can be more complicated to handle.

Sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and stacking doors may need a special type of frame that can hold the screen in place. This is why you need to carefully consider the type of door you have, what your preferences are, and the level of security needed for your premises. So how can you find the right screens for your sliding doors?     

1. They should be able to slide

It wouldn't make sense to install fixed security screens on sliding doors. Not only would they be cumbersome to operate, but they would also become easily damaged. This is why your security screens should be able to slide as they open.

Consider flexible hinges and frames that can glide along your doors. Because the main frame is already in place, you can easily fit gliding security screens on the outer surface of your doors. Just make sure the hinges are firmly in place so the screens don't fall off. 

2. Look for a quality meshing

Sliding doors have wide openings that need special types of frames. When looking for security screens, make sure they have a high-quality meshwork that can't be easily tampered with. Steel meshes are ideal for protecting against tampering, insects and general wear and tear.

Durability will also protect your sliding doors against exterior elements. If your doors have glass panels, a durable meshwork will be even more critical for providing such protection.   

3. Air movement

Maintaining smooth airflow is critical for any homeowner. Sliding doors allow you to have enough space for the free movement of air because of their convenient opening mechanism. However, leaving wide gaps in your doorways may expose you to insects, dust and debris.

Security screens can filter such particles while allowing enough air to pass through. This is why you should look for meshwork that can block out pollutants while allowing enough fresh air to pass through.

4. Colour also matters

Just because the size and shape of your security screens will be unique, doesn't mean that you should end up with a plain-looking screen. Consider adding colour to your frames and meshwork.

When it comes to the frames, colourful designs will elevate the kerb appeal of your premises. Opt for neutral meshwork colours (such as white, grey, and brown) to balance the look of your sliding doors.

For more information on security screens, consult a resource in your area.