Looking For Decorative Tiles? Here Are Some Glass Mosaic Tiles You Could Use

Posted on: 19 September 2016

If your walls or flooring has begun looking dull over the years, you may be considering sprucing up its appearance. One of the functional yet appealing ways of doing so would be by incorporating mosaic glass tiles. These tiles come in a wide assortment of colours, which ensures they will meet your individual stylistic needs. In addition to this, some of the mosaic tiles are also quite sturdy, making them suitable for heavy usage applications. Before you set out to purchase mosaic tiles, it would be in your best interests to know the different options available. This way you can make a knowledgeable decision based on your needs. If you are in search of decorative tiles, the following are some of the glass mosaic tiles that you could use.

Vitreous glass mosaic tiles

Vitreous glass is characterised by having an almost opaque appearance. If you are in search of mosaic glass tiles on a restricted budget, these would be a suitable option, as they tend to be quite inexpensive. Vitreous glass is also quite easy to work with, which could end up reducing the labour costs of your tiling contractors. It should be noted that although vitreous tiles can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, they are not a good choice for flooring projects. This is because they can acquire chips and scratches easily. Instead, they would make a good option for decorative wall tiles or as kitchen and bathroom splashbacks.

Smalti glass mosaic tiles

If your budget is not a concern, then you may want to consider a more luxurious option such as the smalti glass mosaic tiles. These types of tiles are handmade in Italy and are considered to be one of the most high quality options you could consider in the tesserae industry. The price of the smalti glass mosaic tiles will typically be determined by the weight of the tiles, as well as their colouring. They originally were a staple in Roman and Byzantine architectural designs but have stood the test of time and are now sought after for high-end décor design.

Other than their aesthetics, smalti glass tiles will also provide you with functionality. These mosaic tiles have great reflective properties, making them a suitable option for homeowners that are looking to brighten their homes by installing the mosaic tiles. You also have the option of purchasing the gold or silver smalti mosaic tiles. These are created by pressing a thin layer of either gold or silver between two smalti glass tiles. These are then fired to create the gold or silver effect in the mosaic tiles.