3 Ways To Create A Unique And Beautiful Feature With Glass Splashbacks

Posted on: 23 February 2016

Modern kitchen design has come a long way in recent years, and Australian homeowners are no longer content with run-of-the-mill and traditional features. Glass splashbacks are becoming a popular option in kitchens to replace the tiles that have been the most commonly used splashback material in the past.

Glass splashbacks are great because the give your kitchen a modern and edgy look without being too intimidating. Their reflective surfaces introduce light and colour into an area of the kitchen that can often seem dark and poky, especially if it's boxed in by high cupboards.

Another positive aspect to glass splashbacks is that they give you the ability to create a unique look in your kitchen. Here are three ways that you can add a personal touch to your glass splashback.


Whether you choose opaque or clear glass for your splashback, you can use paint to add a zing of colour to your kitchen without the expense of coloured glass. Apply the paint to the plasterboard that your splashback will be attached to and your kitchen will be transformed simply and easily.

Because your kitchen is a room that will experience different temperatures and moisture levels, use a paint that is suitable for use in these conditions. You may also like to ask the contractor who fits your splashbacks to make them removable instead of fixed. This way you can change the colour of the paint if you grow bored or want to change the overall look of your kitchen.


Wallpaper is becoming fashionable again after many years of being seen as dated and old-fashioned. There is now a huge range of quirky, stylish, and modern wallpaper designs to choose from. Try to choose a design that incorporates a colour or two from your other kitchen features, such as your benchtop, so that the wallpaper helps to pull the overall design together.

Don't be afraid to be adventurous with the design. Because the splashback is only a relatively small area in the kitchen, you can safely choose wallpaper that might look outlandish on a big scale but looks perfect as a hint of colour and pattern on a splashback strip.


Digital photography and modern printing methods mean that you can have photos printed easily and cheaply. This makes them an excellent choice for use behind a glass splashback. You really are limited only by your imagination and can choose from a wide array of styles or images depending on your taste.

Photos of beautiful scenery, flowers, trees, and beach scenes are a great choice for a photographic splashback. You may even like to create a photo collage of family pictures to really add a unique and personal touch to your kitchen.

Glass splashbacks are excellent because they allow you to have fun and add an element of playfulness to your kitchen. Why not try one of these three options in your home?