How to Deal with Black Spots on Mirrors

Posted on: 18 February 2016

Moisture gradually detaches the silver backing on mirrors causing them to develop black spots. This can mar the appearance and function of that mirror. This article discusses some measures that you can take when those black spots become visible on your bathroom mirror. 

Use Spray Paint

DIY stores near you may have spray paint that makes surfaces look like mirrors. Buy this paint and spray the back of the mirror that has several black spots. This approach will save you from the trouble of having to deal with one black spot at a time. Your mirror will regain its uniform surface appearance and it will no longer be an eyesore. Follow the application procedure outlined on the packaging of that spray paint so that you get lasting results from it.

Use Aluminum Foil

Have you noticed that the silver backing behind your mirror has scraped off so much that you can see straight through to the back of the glass? The black spots may be a result of the refraction of light through that layer of glass. Remove those black spots by taping bits of aluminum foil where the silver backing is missing at the back of the mirror. The foil will reflect the light hitting the glass and the black spots will be no more. Use clear tape during this glass repair process. This method is the best if there are a few black spots to deal with.

Re-Silver Your Mirror

This process involves removing the current silver backing on your mirror and replacing it with new silver backing. The process is very demanding and requires some experience and knowledge. Follow the procedure here if you are not sure about what steps you need to take during this process. The re-silvered mirror will be as good as new once the repair process is completed.

Paint the Front Surface

Many mirrors develop black spots around their edges because those are the places that are easily affected by the moisture within bathrooms. Use a marker to draw a straight line that covers the edges that have black spots. Mark off a similar width on all sides of the mirror so that the lines demarcate the new outline of the mirror inside the frame. Paint the outside surface up to the area marked by the lines that you have just drawn. That painted segment should hide the black spots in the mirror. Ask the hardware store attendant to select for you paint that will withstand the effect of the glass cleaner that you use to clean your mirrors.

As you can see, it is not necessary to discard a mirror once it develops black spots. Use the suggestions above to give it a new lease of life. Alternatively, you can consult a glass repair professional for longer lasting solutions to the problem.