3 Ways to Make a Statement with Kitchen Splashbacks

Posted on: 9 March 2016

Because the kitchen is a room that adds significantly to a home, many people think that undergoing a mammoth renovation in the kitchen is necessary if they want to really add something to their kitchen space – but this is not true. There are many smaller changes in the kitchen that contribute to the aesthetic of your kitchen, and to its value too. Take something like kitchen splashbacks, for example. They cover relatively little surface area but can make or break a kitchen. Here are a few options to make your kitchen splashbacks stand out from the crowd.

  1. Glass splashbacks with integrated LED lighting. Glass is a material that is perfect for the kitchen. It is easily wiped down, it is water resistant, and it doesn't harbour germs and bacteria. And a really unique thing about glass splashbacks is that you aren't limited to lighting them from the outside. They can also be lit from the inside out. You can actually have strings of LED lights placed behind the splashback to create both a unique splashback and a unique lighting feature in your kitchen.
  2. Statement marble splashback. Marble is one of those materials that only the very affluent can afford to work with in a kitchen. Of course, most people would love to splash out on marble floors and marble countertops, but the vast majority of people are priced out of using marble in such abundance. Just one marble splashback panel, however, is not such a grand investment, and it adds a touch of luxury to a kitchen. Like glass, marble also resists heat and water, so it's a perfect splashback material.
  3. Gold tile splashback. Gold and other warm metallics, such as bronze, are a huge trend in interior design right now, but many people can't get the use of gold quite right. If it's overdone, using gold can make a space look tacky, when you really want it to look expensive and luxuriant. For a touch of glamour in a kitchen space, a glimmering and golden splashback will really make a difference. The best material for this is tile. With a series of gold tiles, you can add golden colour, but you will also add something different in terms of texture.

You can use these ideas as a springboard for other creative ways to integrate splashbacks into your kitchen – it certainly doesn't have to be a sheet of boring, white PVC. Visit http://www.southmelbourneglass.com.au for more ideas.